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Immutable Passport makes its debut, offering effortless sign-on for more than 500,000 gamers within five prominent web3 games

Immutable's highly anticipated Passport is set to revolutionize the sign-up experience for online games and marketplaces, significantly reducing user churn and drop-outs during the onboarding process. The global gaming leader officially launched Immutable Passport within five web3 games and marketplaces, including Gods Unchained, Blocklete Golf, Bleacher Report Watch2Earn, TokenTrove, and AtomicHub, with a combined user base exceeding 500,000 individuals.

Immutable Passport simplifies the traditionally complex sign-up and onboarding processes

associated with online gaming. Offering a universal profile, it enables players to seamlessly carry their identity, achievements, and digital assets across different games and marketplaces. The solution has garnered attention from industry experts, with VanEck, a top 10 ETF issuer with over $65 billion in assets under management, praising Immutable's commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience and overcoming technical challenges in web3 gaming.

The Passport streamlines onboarding through passwordless sign-on and automated wallet creation, providing users with a new dashboard experience to discover games, manage funds, link third-party wallets, and oversee in-game items. Immutable Passport not only eliminates the complexities of traditional sign-up processes but also boasts higher conversion rates compared to email+wallet onboarding, as indicated by an Immutable case study.

A key strength of Immutable Passport lies in its ability to address the significant challenge of user acquisition for game developers. By offering a unique, secure identity to each user, the Passport ensures easy access to games and marketplaces while guaranteeing the seamless transfer of assets, funds, and achievements between different platforms.

Immutable President and Co-Founder Robbie Ferguson highlighted the Passport's positive impact on user acquisition, transaction conversion rates, and overall player experience. He stated, "It increases user acquisition, optimizes transaction conversion rates, and gives players a smooth, seamless experience that enables them to explore new worlds and participate in new economies like never before."

Immutable Passport, a non-custodial solution, emphasizes user security by never holding private keys or engaging in transaction signing. Game studios can leverage Passport to drive adoption across mainstream audiences, maintain enterprise-grade security, and access meaningful player analytics. Additionally, players benefit from a secure digital wallet and protection against fraud across web3 games and marketplaces.

Leading web3 game Gods Unchained, with over $52 million worth of cards exchanged and 450,000 registered players, has embraced Immutable Passport. To celebrate the debut, Gods Unchained Passport users will receive a free NFT (in-game cosmetic item) airdrop until December 31st.

Immutable Passport's launch partners also include Bleacher Report Watch to Earn (B/R W2E), a loyalty program within the digital arm of Warner Bros. Discovery. B/R W2E utilizes web3 technology and smart contracts to enhance the sports viewing experience for its 175 million sports fans, offering rewards and real-time gamification.


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