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Hasbro Introduces Trivial Pursuit Game Enhanced with AI-Powered Features

Hasbro, the renowned toy manufacturer, is unveiling an AI-powered version of its iconic Trivial Pursuit game. Trivial Pursuit Infinite, released online at, introduces two play modes. The daily challenge features classic Trivial Pursuit questions, while the "infinite" mode allows players to request questions on any topic.

This move reflects the increasing integration of AI in the toy industry, going beyond talking robots to enhance classic games. In September, Mattel released Pictionary AI, utilizing an AI-powered app on a smartphone to guess drawn images.

Hasbro aims to offer fans, both old and new, additional ways to engage with the 41-year-old game through Trivial Pursuit Infinite. The digital version leverages generative AI, taking the game into a new era while ensuring accessibility for fans everywhere.

Gray Bright, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Gaming Innovation at Hasbro, expressed the company's commitment to exploring AI ethically and effectively. Trivial Pursuit Infinite was developed within three months, emphasizing Hasbro's dedication to harnessing AI to create engaging experiences for players.

The digital game is available for free and includes a "buy now" button linking players to an Amazon page for purchasing physical versions of Trivial Pursuit. Hasbro plans to gather player feedback to enhance gameplay continually.

Trivial Pursuit, created in 1983, became a phenomenon in the mid-1980s and has maintained its popularity. The game requires players to answer trivia questions to advance on the board. Hasbro, which acquired the game in 1992, plans to regularly add new features to Trivial Pursuit Infinite.

Bright highlighted the success of a recent AI-powered Ouija board experiment during Halloween, indicating Hasbro's exploration of AI enhancements across its game portfolio. Hasbro believes that generative AI complements the creativity of human creators, ushering in new experiences for players.

Trivial Pursuit Infinite offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of classic games with AI integration, as Hasbro pioneers this innovative approach in the industry.


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