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Getty and Nvidia Collaborate to Introduce Generative AI to Stock Photography

Getty Images and Nvidia are strengthening their AI collaboration with the introduction of Generative AI by iStock, a text-to-image platform designed specifically for crafting stock photos. Building upon Getty’s initial venture into AI image generation, Generative AI by Getty Images, this iStock platform caters to individual and single-seat users, distinguishing itself from Getty Images, which primarily serves multiuser enterprise solutions.

Powered by Nvidia’s Picasso model, Generative AI by iStock exclusively draws insights from Getty’s creative library and iStock’s stock photo collection, avoiding the use of Getty’s editorial image library to prevent generating trademarks or known personalities.

Grant Farhall, Getty’s chief product officer, states that Generative AI by iStock is geared towards small and medium businesses seeking efficient stock photo solutions. This tool enhances user workflows, enabling the generation of precise photos that may be challenging to capture with a camera. For instance, users can prompt the AI to create a climate change illustration, such as penguins walking through a city street.

Pricing for Generative AI by iStock is set at $14.99 for 100 prompts, each generating four images.

A significant distinction from the Getty Images AI platform lies in the legal indemnity aspect. Unlike Generative AI by Getty Images, users of the iStock platform will not have unlimited indemnification. The iStock service will implement a cap of $10,000 per asset, aligning with the same license offered for its existing library. Contributors whose content contributed to the model training can engage in a revenue-sharing program.

The iStock platform is poised to introduce Inpainting and Outpainting features soon, enhancing creative capabilities. Inpainting allows users to mask an image area and fill it with a person or object based on a text prompt, while Outpainting expands photos for different aspect ratios and fills new regions

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