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Gateway Miami to Showcase the Revealing of Wilder World's Multiplayer Metaverse

Wilder World, the revolutionary multiplayer metaverse, is poised to redefine the landscape of digital engagement. Leveraging the unprecedented capabilities of photorealism, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology, it promises to deliver a virtual experience unparalleled in the metaverse, setting a new standard for what this realm can offer.

The Gateway Miami event will serve as a platform for showcasing Wilder World's immersive features. From December 6-8, Faena Forum in South Beach will be transformed into an interactive garden and audiovisual art showcase, featuring exhibits, fireside chats, and keynote presentations.

Virtual City of Wiami In a groundbreaking collaboration with the City of Miami, Wilder World introduces its inaugural city, "Wiami." This virtual metropolis, crafted from OSM city data, goes beyond mere replication, expanding upon Miami's vibrant life and culture. Wiami is not just a backdrop; it's a vast digital ecosystem where exploration and interaction surpass standard MMO environments.

Midnight in Wiami - Gaming and Metaverse Experiences The unveiling of "Midnight in Wiami" marks Wilder World's entry into playable metaverse experiences. This upcoming racing game, initially launched for testing, combines a Solarpunk aesthetic with Tokyo's underground racing scene, offering players a nocturnal adventure across Wiami's evolving landscape. The integration of blockchain mechanics with the $WILD token and Wheels industry economies represents a bold move towards enhancing gameplay iteratively.

Wilder World's venture into the gaming industry, projected to reach $339.7 billion by 2025, aligns with the demand for immersive AAA-quality experiences. Blockchain integration is expected to elevate the gaming ecosystem to meet industry growth projections.

Technological Marvel of Wilder World

Wilder World showcases modern technology by utilizing the state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 5 for photorealism and AI for dynamic interactions. This metaverse not only captivates visually but also functions profoundly, showcasing the potential of blockchain-powered gaming.

Funding, NFT Revenue, and WILD Token Utility With substantial funding rounds and NFT sales revenue, Wilder World boasts a robust financial standing. The $WILD token plays a central role in the game's economy, serving as the currency for transactions, governance, and more.

Community Driven by a global team of industry veterans and supported by influential players in tech and gaming, Wilder World is building an inclusive community across multiple platforms, reflecting the metaverse's growing appeal.

The Roadmap Ahead Wilder World's ambitious yet methodical roadmap aims to enhance the metaverse experience steadily. With a strategy to integrate gaming, e-commerce, and social media, Wilder World aspires to be a gateway to the crypto world for a global audience.

As for future cities beyond Wiami, while it remains a long-term goal, the team's current focus is on excelling in their current task and using that experience to potentially launch more cities in the future.


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