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EMERGE Group Unveils Collaboration with Tezos to Boost the Advancement of Web3 Gaming

EMERGE Group, a prominent marketing technology firm based in Southeast Asia specializing in IP and gaming collaborations, is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with TZ APAC, a Web3 ecosystem builder empowering founders, creators, developers, and institutional leaders on the Tezos blockchain.

In this collaboration, EMERGE Group will offer comprehensive marketing solutions and support for publishing partnerships to facilitate the seamless integration of Web3 games into the Tezos ecosystem.

TZ APAC will harness EMERGE Group's industry expertise, expansive network of significant IPs, and advertising inventories to position Tezos as the preferred blockchain for the gaming community. EMERGE Group, recognized for collaborations with well-known names such as Moonton, Singtel, Shopback, and others, will play a pivotal role in advancing Tezos' presence in the gaming sector.

Both industry leaders will work together to establish a smooth onboarding experience for promising game studios and cultivate a conducive environment by leveraging the substantial capabilities of the Tezos blockchain across both Web2 and Web3 gaming.

Jason Lim, Business Development (Gaming) at TZ APAC, remarked, "This collaboration allows TZ APAC to rely on a partner that shares the common goal of empowering the gaming community with the necessary tools, resources, and network for success." He added, "Builders, gamers, and ecosystem partners can benefit from the comprehensive support provided by TZ APAC and the marketing prowess of EMERGE Group."

Roy Kek, CEO and Co-founder of EMERGE Group, expressed gratitude, stating, "We are honored to be chosen by TZ APAC as a strategic partner in support of their global Web3 gaming initiative. The partnership underscores EMERGE Group’s dedication and expertise in Web3 gaming, having successfully collaborated on significant Web3 projects and driven impactful partnerships within the gaming sector."

Tezos, an open-source platform, addresses key barriers to blockchain adoption for assets and applications. EMERGE Group's latest partnership aligns with its commitment to fostering the growth of both Web2 and Web3 gaming through its hybrid resource pool.


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