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CreateSafe Secures $4.6 Million in Funding to Launch TRINITI AI Music Platform.

Music tech studio CreateSafe secures a $4.6 million seed funding round to introduce TRINITI, an artistic intelligence platform reshaping the music industry. Over five years in development, CreateSafe's tools aim to empower a transparent music landscape. The partnership with Grimes brought innovative creative tools to the public, including the Record Deal Simulator, offering visibility into historically complex contracts for the first time.

Led by cryptocurrency and blockchain tech investment firm Polychain Capital, the funding will propel TRINITI as a comprehensive music platform, handling creation, publishing, administration, distribution, and marketing. Backed by Crush Ventures, Anthony Saleh, Paris Hilton, MoonPay, and others, TRINITI aims to revolutionize the industry by shifting focus from algorithms to artist-centric business models.

TRINITI, Grimes' brainchild, marked a significant milestone in music creation, consumption, and monetization. With over 1,000 songs created since its May 2023 launch, TRINITI garnered recognition, naming Grimes one of Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People in AI 2023."

The platform facilitates easier licensing and monetization for artists and rights holders, providing tools to manage consent, credit, and compensation. CreateSafe's CEO, Daouda Leonard, envisions TRINITI as an operating system for the new music business, pioneering an age of exponential creativity and empowering creators.

TRINITI includes personalized AI tools, enabling multiplayer collaboration and independent creators to collaborate with favorite artists and producers. The platform offers Voice Transformation & Cloning, Sample Generations, Chat, Distribution, and Management tools, turning inspiration into a song and visuals within seconds.

CreateSafe's partnerships with TuneCore and further empower artists to monetize generative AI-created music. With TRINITI, the studio opens its doors to global artists, ushering in a new era of musical experiences with cutting-edge technology.


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