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China's 2024 Fashion Week Spotlights Global Mofy: A Fusion of Digitized Fashion, AI, and the Metaverse

Global Mofy Metaverse Limited (Nasdaq: GMM), a leading technology solutions provider specializing in virtual content production and digital asset development for the broader digital entertainment industry, recently took center stage at China’s 2024 Fashion Week in Beijing.

Tiansheng Liu, the Chief Operating Officer of Global Mofy's East China Headquarters, delivered a keynote speech underscoring the company's role in enabling clients to explore the convergence of fashion, AI, and the Metaverse, with a focus on achieving sustainable growth, heightened brand awareness, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Highlighting the burgeoning opportunities across the fashion value chain, Global Mofy emphasized the transformative potential of adopting Metaverse and AI technologies. The company anticipates significant industry-wide evolution as businesses embrace these innovations to elevate customer experiences and streamline operational efficiencies, thereby reshaping the fashion landscape.

China Fashion Week, a premier event in the fashion calendar, attracts a diverse array of stakeholders ranging from designers and brands to retailers, media, celebrities, and enthusiasts. Alongside runway showcases, the event hosts forums and seminars addressing industry trends and challenges, including sustainability, technology, and marketing strategies. This year’s China Fashion Summit delved into cutting-edge topics such as OpenAI’s Sora, the Metaverse, emerging consumption patterns, and intellectual property rights.

Global Mofy is poised to leverage its expertise in crafting high-quality virtual content, recognizing 3D technology as pivotal for driving innovation and meeting evolving consumer demands in fashion. Through its proprietary MOFY LAB platform, the company collaborates with designers, brands, and enthusiasts worldwide to produce and manage 3D digital assets efficiently and professionally.

Tiansheng Liu concluded the event by expressing excitement about the limitless prospects at the intersection of fashion and digital technology. He envisioned a future of continuous innovation and collaboration, culminating in a convergence akin to the Oasis depicted in "Ready Player One."

Looking ahead, Global Mofy anticipates digital assets to play an increasingly vital role in the fashion realm, propelled by advancements in Metaverse, AI, 5G, and wearable technology. The company aims to foster sustainable, personalized, and interactive experiences through ongoing technological innovation and the creation of a vast digital asset library, thereby championing the healthy and sustainable growth of the fashion industry.


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