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BinaryX introduces 'AI Hero,' an innovative AI chat game, featuring a limited release of NFT mints

BinaryX has officially launched AI Hero, an AI-based battle royale adventure game following an initial open beta release in October. The game seamlessly merges AI technology, battle royale dynamics, and GameFi elements, providing players with a personalized and immersive gaming experience.

AI Hero stands out by utilizing AI-generated content to dynamically shape the game world, create quests, facilitate NPC interactions, and trigger world events, ensuring a unique experience with every playthrough. With up to 20 participants simultaneously influencing and molding the game world, AI Hero introduces a groundbreaking integration of AI into core gaming mechanics.

Adam, BinaryX's Head of Product, expressed enthusiasm about the official launch, stating, "AI Hero explores a novel approach to infusing AI into core game mechanics, offering a truly personalized gaming encounter unprecedented in Web 3.0 gaming. With AI-driven scenarios, a dynamic game world, and narrative, coupled with an ever-changing difficulty level, AI Hero delivers a fresh and exhilarating adventure in each play session."

The game features an innovative PvP element, where encounters with other players trigger intense player-versus-player events, adding excitement and competition. Players aim to gather resources, craft superior gear, and outmaneuver rivals among the 20 participants to survive and claim victory.

Following the launch, players can mint NFT heroes for participation in a new competitive game mode, with potential mining rewards. NFT heroes can be acquired by winning a normal game, recruiting them with BNX, purchasing from the open marketplace, or unlocking free minting opportunities by holding a specific number of BNX tokens.

AI Hero is accessible on mobile and desktop web browsers, compatible with iOS and Android devices, offering a futuristic gaming experience. For the latest updates and releases from BinaryX, users can visit the official BinaryX website. Stay tuned on BinaryX's social media channels for announcements regarding the launch of the competitive mode and NFT recruitment.


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