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AI Product Releases Real-time Scents During Gameplay

Game Scent product sitting between a PlayStation console

GameScent is revolutionising gaming immersion by introducing scent into everyday gaming sessions, with cutting-edge AI technology. 

Through real-time analysis of in-game audio, GameScent translates these cues into scents, enhancing the gaming experience by offering players a truly multi-sensory experience.

The system consists of a patent-pending adapter that captures in-game audio, which is then processed in the cloud using AI algorithms. This enables GameScent to synchronise scent releases seamlessly with on-screen action, ensuring a cohesive experience for players across both consoles and PCs.

The company explains that the scent of gunfire or the smell of burning rubber - will assist in transporting the gamer into their chosen alternative world.

GameScent is now available for purchase, and promises to elevate gaming immersion and redefine how players engage with their favourite worlds.


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