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AdInMo pioneers first ever Rewarded InGamePlay Ads with fintech partner ZBD

AdInMo, a leading in-game advertising monetization platform, has announced a groundbreaking technology partnership with ZBD, a fintech company offering instant Bitcoin rewards to gamers and developers. This partnership allows players to earn rewards for viewing immersive in-game display and video ads.

AdInMo's InGamePlay brand ads seamlessly integrate into gameplay, providing non-disruptive revenue for developers and enhancing the player experience. This collaboration enables developers and publishers to share in-game ad revenue with players, offering small amounts of real Bitcoin via ZBD's Bitcoin Lightning technology. Additionally, AdInMo's Rewarded InGamePlay ads combine popular reward mechanics with innovative in-game formats to boost player engagement and retention.

Kristan Rivers, Co-Founder and CEO of AdInMo, emphasized their commitment to enhancing player experience and stated that combining in-game brand experiences with player rewards is a pioneering initiative.

AdInMo has partnered with ZBD to release Rewarded InGamePlay, a new monetization format that aims to create a win-win-win scenario for players, developers, and advertisers. Several games, including Square Enix's Ludo Zenith and Fumb Games' Bitcoin Miner, have already witnessed impressive results such as increased revenue and user retention after integrating ZBD rewards.

The new format is available to developers in AdInMo's community beta program and seamlessly integrates into their existing SDK. This integration requires no additional effort, and developers can choose how to enable Bitcoin rewards for their games without affecting the core gaming experience.

Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZBD, expressed excitement about integrating directly into in-game advertising technology and praised AdInMo's unobtrusive and interruption-free ad approach. He emphasized the success of rewarding players with a share of ad revenue and labeled it as the future of free-to-play engagement.

This partnership between AdInMo and ZBD marks a significant step toward a more player-centric approach to in-game advertising and monetization, benefiting both game developers and players alike.


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