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Worldline Introduces Metaverse Shopping Hub Tailored for Merchants

Worldline, a leading payment services provider, has unveiled its latest innovation for merchants seeking a metaverse presence—the Metaverse Shopping Hub within the Spatial platform. This release marks an enhancement to Worldline's white-label solution, offering online businesses an opportunity to explore the metaverse with advanced graphical quality and improved accessibility across various devices, including desktop, mobile, and virtual reality (VR).

This development comes on the heels of Worldline's earlier introduction of the Worldline Metaverse Shopping Mall in Decentraland. The mall serves as a unique space connecting online retail platforms with a range of payment methods, fostering a bridge between the virtual and financial realms.

Merchants looking to establish their initial metaverse footprint can leverage the Worldline Metaverse Shopping Mall. Additionally, Worldline offers enticing add-on packages in Metaverse Advertising, Phygital Experiences, and Augmented Reality solutions, complementing its starter package.

The Spatial platform facilitates access to the metaverse through multiple channels, including virtual reality headsets and smartphones. Worldline's comprehensive solution boasts an extensive array of 150 payment options, encompassing digital wallets, mobile payments, cards, and buy now, pay later services.

In a strategic move, Worldline has announced that Payone, its joint venture with the German Savings Banks Association, will commence the distribution of the Worldline Metaverse White Label solution in Germany and Austria, starting in the first quarter of the upcoming year.

Sascha Muenger, Head Competence Center Crypto-Related Products & Metaverse at Worldline, expressed excitement about the second season of the Metaverse Shopping Mall in Spatial. He underscored the significance of this milestone, emphasizing Worldline's commitment to co-creating new shopping experiences with innovative customers and advancing commerce solutions within the metaverse.

Viljem Brielmayer, Head of Product Management at PAYONE, highlighted the DNA of PAYONE in bringing innovations to the German and Austrian payment market. With the introduction of the Worldline Metaverse offering, PAYONE aims to contribute another substantial innovation to its core markets, providing merchants with seamless access to the metaverse. The collaboration between Worldline and PAYONE signifies a collective commitment to supporting merchants and driving innovation in the dynamic landscape of metaverse commerce.


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