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Veyond Metaverse Achieves Groundbreaking Remote Digital Surgery, Bridging Surgeons Across Continents

Veyond Metaverse, a healthcare-focused XR technology startup, has made history by conducting a real-time digital surgery across a vast distance of 8,800 kilometers. The surgery connected a proctor surgeon in Paris, France, with a counterpart and patient in Yangon, Myanmar, using their Veyond Connect™ platform. This achievement has significant implications for global surgery and healthcare accessibility, addressing the lack of surgical care access for nearly five billion individuals worldwide.

The success of this pioneering procedure marks the beginning of a partnership with Premier Link, a major player in Myanmar's healthcare sector, to establish digital clinics in remote areas of Myanmar. This initiative aims to elevate healthcare standards, increase accessibility, and enhance healthcare quality for millions of people. Veyond Metaverse's founders emphasize the global impact of their technology, which has garnered international recognition and awards.

The collaboration between Veyond Metaverse and Shwe La Min Hospital in Myanmar extends beyond surgical precision, representing a step toward a world where quality healthcare is universally accessible, transcending geographical boundaries. The goal is to democratize healthcare access and transform healthcare delivery on a global scale.


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