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The First Major NFT Art Exploration

"On NFTs" marks the first major exploration of the non-fungible token (NFTs), as it delves into the disruptive realm of contemporary art. This groundbreaking TASCHEN publication encompasses 10 academic essays and illustrated profiles of 101 key artists, showcasing the spectrum from algorithmic art to avatars. 

On NFTs book laying on its side

Robert Alice (Ed.) | On NFTs (Taschen, 2024)

Presented in the iconic grand-scale BABY SUMO format, the book is available for purchase in cryptocurrency, signalling a bold step into the modern art world. Offering a rigorous examination of the NFT ecosystem, the book takes a multidimensional, artist-led approach, unraveling the complexities often shrouded in misconception.

The BABY SUMO format, coupled with a bespoke aluminum book covering, presents essential information to both new and experienced audiences, featuring leading voices in art and blockchain, including Hans Ulrich Obrist.

The book celebrates unlikely connections across art history, juxtaposing Rembrandt paintings with CryptoPunk avatars. Extensive essays explore the intricate world of NFTs, revealing influences like Sol LeWitt's impact on modern artistic algorithms. You will also find a co-curated survey of 101 key NFT artists, with unique profiles featuring curators, critics, artists, and AI voices.

This is a groundbreaking move for TASCHEN, as it solidifies "On NFTs" as the ultimate collector's item in this new frontier of digital art.


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