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The Empire State Building Introduces Exclusive Membership Program

The illustrious Empire State Building, a global symbol of New York City, has introduced an enticing membership program, inviting both locals and visitors to embark on a rewarding journey with each visit to the renowned 86th and 102nd Floor Observatories.

By purchasing tickets through the Empire State Building's official website, members can accrue points, unlocking a plethora of exclusive perks, experiences, and collectibles.

The membership program boasts five distinctive tiers, each offering a tiered progression of benefits:

  1. Ambassador: Entry-level status for registered members without earned benefits.

  2. Bronze Ambassador: Enjoy a special newsletter, a ticket to the 86th Floor Observatory, and lottery access for two at exclusive celebrity events.

  3. Silver Ambassador: Building on the bronze tier, members receive an additional lottery entry and a ticket to the 86th Floor Observatory.

  4. Gold Ambassador: Revel in two tickets to both observatories, the Saturday morning Sunrise Experience, and the annual Empire State Building run-up.

  5. Platinum Ambassador: Reach the pinnacle with four observatory tickets, exclusive access to celebrity events, the Saturday morning Sunrise Experience, and entry to the annual run-up.

Upon enrollment, members are gifted a distinctive custom NFT, a digital collectible. As members ascend through the tiers, they receive additional NFTs, each depicting the iconic Empire State Building set against an Art Deco backdrop in the tier's selected color palette.

What's even more enticing is that joining this exclusive program, accessible [here](insert link), is entirely free. Elevate your New York experience with a membership to one of the city's most treasured cultural institutions. Because nothing exclaims 'I belong in NYC' more than being part of the legacy of the Empire State Building.


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