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Shurick Agapitov, Xsolla Founder, Unveils 'Once Upon Tomorrow': A Visionary Exploration of the Metaverse and Its Transformative Influence on Global Creativity

Shurick Agapitov, a visionary author and the Founder of Xsolla, has unveiled his groundbreaking new book, "Once Upon Tomorrow." This pioneering work presents a transformative and aspirational vision of the Metaverse, diverging significantly from mainstream narratives.

Agapitov's book takes readers on a thought-provoking journey into the possibilities and potential of the Metaverse, offering a unique perspective distinct from conventional industry discourse and the viewpoints often presented by technology CEOs.

"In 'Once Upon Tomorrow,' I present a vision of the Metaverse as a vast, inclusive, and transformative space. It's not just a digital frontier but a realm where creativity, innovation, and empowerment converge. This book is my invitation to creators, thinkers, and dreamers across the globe to join in shaping a future where technology amplifies human potential and fosters a world of limitless possibilities. The Metaverse, as I see it, is not about control or confinement but about unleashing the collective creativity and entrepreneurial spirit inherent in all of us," said Shurick Agapitov, Founder of Xsolla and acclaimed author of "Once Upon Tomorrow."

"Once Upon Tomorrow" delves into the untapped potential of the Metaverse, highlighting its capacity to unite emerging and legacy brands, create unforgettable consumer experiences, and enrich cultures globally. Agapitov emphasizes the Metaverse's role in democratizing opportunities and ensuring equal access to cutting-edge technologies. His vision extends beyond mere technological innovation, underscoring the Metaverse's potential to empower and reward content creators worldwide. The book also sheds light on the significant impact of the Metaverse on education, offering hope and opportunities for both children and adults worldwide. Agapitov advocates for a decentralized Metaverse, moving away from Silicon Valley's dominance and placing control, profit potential, and freedom in the hands of creative communities.

"Once Upon Tomorrow" is more than just a book about the Metaverse; it's a roadmap to a future where technology serves humanity in all its diversity, fostering financial, social, and creative inclusivity. Agapitov envisions a future where every consumer-facing industry, from fashion to healthcare and entertainment, is transformed. The book also explores the potential impact of the Metaverse on business-to-business sectors, education, city planning, inter-government relations, and non-profit efforts.

Agapitov's insights into the evolution of technology, from the early days of Instagram and Snapchat to the future of immersive applications, are key highlights of the book. He discusses the roles of various technology stakeholders, including internet hosting providers, website developers, cloud computing experts, infrastructure engineers, and the ongoing need for advanced networking and hardware. "Once Upon Tomorrow" is a visionary piece that invites readers to rethink the Metaverse and its limitless potential.


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