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PREVIEW: AI Set to Take Center Stage at CES This Year, Even in the Absence of OpenAI's Altman

OpenAI's Sam Altman may be missing from CES 2024, but the AI fervor sparked by his company is set to steal the show. From devices aiding the visually impaired to innovative safety systems, and facial-recognition software assessing vitals, companies are racing to unveil their AI-infused gadgets.

CES 2024, running from January 9-12, promises a plethora of announcements, showcasing AI integration in various consumer products. Despite Altman's physical absence, OpenAI's influence at the event echoes Apple's Steve Jobs era, where the company's impact transcended the founder's non-participation.

Altman, a prominent figure in the AI frenzy, faced headlines in November amid internal turmoil but was reinstated after a significant employee stand in solidarity. OpenAI's involvement in a secretive AI hardware project with former Apple designer Jony Ive adds to the intrigue.

Generative AI projects witnessed a staggering fivefold funding increase, reaching $23.78 billion by December 2023, according to PitchBook data. Maribel Lopez, a tech analyst, emphasizes that AI has become indispensable in products, stating, "It's the year of AI in everything."

CES will feature companies like Bosch, showcasing an award-winning gun-detection system, and NEC unveiling AI software for analyzing face patterns and estimating human vitals. Automotive companies are shifting focus towards creating a "hyper-personalized" experience, enhancing in-vehicle virtual assistants and cabin monitors.

Cerence's partnership with Volkswagen, Cipia's distraction monitoring system, and's generative AI collaboration with BMW are among the anticipated automotive announcements. AI's role in production is also evident, with automakers adopting it to streamline development and quality checks.

PC and smartphone manufacturers are expected to highlight AI integration, presenting a new revenue stream for chipmakers like Intel and AMD. Microsoft's announcement of PCs featuring a dedicated AI button on the Windows keyboard further underscores the industry's AI push.

While AI's benefits, like those seen in ChatGPT, are clear to consumers, the challenge lies in articulating the utility in other devices. As companies strive for consumer relevance, the CES spotlight remains on the evolving landscape of AI integration.


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