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Absolut makes a grand return to Coachella with an immersive metaverse activation and captivating content series

Absolut Vodka, under Pernod Ricard, is making a triumphant return to Coachella, blending virtual and on-site experiences. A new content series featuring podcaster Matt Rogers accompanies the revitalization of Absolut.Land, now on the Spatial platform. Formerly hosted on Decentraland, this move anchors the "Journey to the Cosmos" initiative, a focal point at the festival where Absolut's tent mirrors its metaverse space.

Absolut’s persistent metaverse space has been moved from Decentraland to Spatial so it can be accessed via smartphone or via VR headset.

Absolut's integration of in-person and online activations at Coachella underscores its marketing strategy, emphasizing the festival's significance. The "Journey to the Cosmos" activation cleverly plays on the dual meaning of "Cosmos," referencing both celestial space and the popular Cosmopolitan cocktail.

Matt Foley, Absolut's VP of Marketing, highlighted the alignment of the activation with Absolut's "Born to Mix" ethos, offering a diverse engagement opportunity.

To kick off festivities, the "Mixing it Up: Cosmos & Culture" limited series airs in Absolut.Land, with weekly episodes exploring culture and featuring Rogers. Further bridging digital and physical realms, Absolut hosts a brunch with Rogers at the festival.

Despite declining interest in the metaverse, Absolut remains committed, moving its metaverse space to Spatial for broader accessibility via smartphone or VR headset. This persistence suggests Absolut aims to reach a wider audience with this technology.


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