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Who are you?

My name is Anton Tsekhanovskyi. I’m a dreamer, mind traveller and the founder and CEO of two products – BitcoinWide,  the #1 search platform of companies that accept cryptocurrency, and Cuberium, a cutting edge metaverse for business and eCommerce.

How did you get here? 

OMG. When my journey started, it was such a long time ago... I remember the first PC keyboard I touched when my uncle brought it to his house in 1993. And the 5.25 inches Floppy Disk Drive that sounded so good. From that moment I started to think about how I could get my own PC for coding and learning. That is probably the day when I connected to IT. 

I did the  course at high school (Computer and Intellectual Systems and Networks Service) and then worked in different IT areas after that, including web development. I remember how inspired I was when I found out about blockchain and Bitcoin in 2013. While nearly everyone around me was sceptical about what we now call web3 and blockchain technology; I instantly understood blockchain, decentralisation and cryptocurrencies,  as well as smart contracts that appeared on stage later,  and I saw their great potential. For me it was absolutely clear that a big change was coming. Could I stay away from what was happening at that time? No!
As a result, was born. When it was successfully released, I turned my attention towards resolving a more complex problem that brings together all Web3 technologies and removes barriers for businesses to enter the metaverse. That is what we do at Cuberium now. 


What are you doing here?

The answer is quite simple. It is an open metaverse that businesses of any scale and niche can enter in minutes. At the same time, consumers can easily access this metaverse from any device. 

While the answer looks simple, the pain that Cuberium solves is complex. Businesses are looking for an opportunity to join metaverses, but they simply don’t know what to do, how to start, and how to create and support their own representation in the metaverse. In-house development is quite expensive and risks of failure due to improper implementation and strategy are high. These are the barriers that prevent business owners from entering metaverses. 

Only a few hundred out of 300m businesses globally have had an opportunity to enter the metaverse, and Cuberium is the place where these barriers are broken down. No matter if you are running a small candy shop or a global hotel network, you can put your company in the open world of Cuberium metaverse to showcase and sell your products or create immersive marketing activities.

To ease access to the metaverse and reduce time-to-market for business owners, we created a cutting edge solution, in that business owners simply need to fill in a form with the business data and select a relevant virtual scene or building. And that is all, your company is in the metaverse!  Of course, there is an option to create a custom space if you want to build a fully customised location, but the most important thing in this approach is that you don’t need any specific skills or additional staff to move your business to the metaverse.

The number of use cases for business owners depends on specific business goals, strategy and vision, but the most evident of them are:

- Products presentation and showcase

- Sale of physical and digital product

- Interaction with consumers

- Marketing activities 

Additionally, the vital component of the Cuberium is decentralised land ownership that is backed by NFT smart contracts. Aside from scene management, land owners also get a liquid asset that can be traded on the market.

What are your passions?​

If we’re talking about something that is outside of my day job, my main passions are hiking and skiing. For me, it provides an opportunity to forget about other everyday things for a while and unload everything from my head, so that later I can rearrange and put everything back in order. Another advantage of hiking and skiing that directly influences daily tasks is being able to take a fresh look at what you see and do every day. We, humans, sometimes forget that there is so much more around than our eyes can see.


What does Web3 mean to you?

For me it is a way to find the keys for the doors of a better world, and I’m excited to be a part of those who push this. Most people perceive the metaverse as an entertainment and technical  innovation. My conviction is that it is much more than that and it is based on two points of view:

The first one is technical. I believe that Web 3 is the first iteration of transformation from the existing inefficient and overregulated model to a more efficient and fairer form of the world and human interactions. This will be secured by decentralisation and blockchain.
The second view is based on a creative component, human communication and memory. The Metaverse and Web 3 is another, immersive way of interacting with technologies, applications, and other people, even if someone does not exist in this physical world anymore. It is a set of components that unlocked an opportunity to create infinite digital worlds that may reflect and even expand the physical world where we are living now.

What’s the worst thing about this golden AI age?

Let me put a fly in the ointment. Ai is great, but the worst thing is that if we are able to develop AI to the level of consciousness, we may lose control, which may lead to unpredicted consequences. It was described many times in literature and as we know, many past works of science fiction were a prediction of our present world.  The biggest challenge in this matter is to be responsible and place common sense as a priority.


What is the future for your business?

I believe that the future of Cuberium is defined by the problem that it solves. Cuberium solves 3 main problems that a wide range of businesses facing when trying to enter metaverses - from small businesses to corporations:
1. It makes complex things simple.
2. It connects business with consumers
3. It provides scalability
Because Cuberium, businesses that use our service will be represented in a shared world (we call it Masterworld), on its own land plots, consumers will meet many brands during their journey through the metaverse. At the same time, any land plot has a dedicated, nearly infinity virtual world attached (we call it Linked Land), which can be developed under full control of the land owner. So that it is scalable and connected to all consumers at the same time.


Who would win in a fight between Robocop and Terminator? 

It is one of the most challenging questions of all time!) I couldn’t answer it, so I asked ChatGPT who said “it's plausible that the Terminator, with its unmatched physical capabilities and relentless nature, could have the upper hand in a direct confrontation. However, Robocop's resourcefulness, intelligence, and access to advanced weaponry might allow him to exploit weaknesses in the Terminator's programming or find alternative ways to neutralise the threat.” I have nothing to add.


What’s your metaverse of choice and why?

Right now I can’t say there is some metaverse of choice for me.
At Cuberium, we want to make a metaverse of choice from an eCommerce perspective. Any other metaverse that will meet this criteria will also be a metaverse of choice for me, depending on my specific goals and its individual/specific focus. 


Where can we find you and get to know more about you and the world of your company?

When I’m not travelling, you can usually find me under the sky of Ukraine, working between pines, sitting in the backyard of my house in Bucha. However you can contact me, through Linkedin and Twitter, which you can find here:
More information about Cuberium Metaverse:
If you want to know more about other products we are running, you can find them here: - BitcoinWide is a #1 platform to find companies that accept cryptocurrency. - a service to exchange crypto and currency safe. does not endorse, advocate or recommend any particular financial products, investment strategies, or services mentioned in this article. Any decisions made based on the information presented on our platform are at your own risk, and you should conduct thorough research and seek advice from a licensed professional before making any financial decisions.

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